Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hot Pink Tie-Dye Dress DIY

This summer has been the summer of shibori. With dying shibori-style comes a world of new dying techniques. These methods are an awesome way to add color and dimension to fabrics, a step beyond the dip dye and ombre. One of my favorite shibori techniques is the square accordion fold. I love how the geometric and the organic combine for an amazing effect. So when I set about to dye the fabric for this dress, shibori was my first thought.

My second thought was "indigo?" I ruminated for a bit and examined my closet. Despite the fact that I may own as many dresses as pairs of underwear, I didn't own a single pink dress. Tragedy? You bet.

So hot pink it had to be.

This dress was made using the same pattern from The Best of Dresses post. I told you that I used that pattern over and over! In this version I simply excluded the collar and sleeves and added a lowered back neckline for a simple and clean summery look.

I love that the accordion pleat method of dying made for a very large square print. It is kind of abstract but still retains a method to the madness. And the hot pink turned out so perfect! The original fabric was a white cotton sheet (again), and the space between the squares is a light baby pink.

To add a little visual interest, I added on triangular appliques to the front bodice and embroidered them with the sewing machine in white thread.

I think that using dye can take something plain and make it fabulous. I love every inch of this girly boho chic sundress.


Sundress: self-made, shoes: Keds

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