Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jungle Fever

Leopard print. The print of teenage girls, chicks from the club scene, tacky housewives, and hookers. So, when did it become okay for the rest of us to wear them?

I think wearing animal prints with class requires a little finesse. They need to be a small print, kind of like an afterthought, an innocent "Oh, this is leopard print?" that you utter when someone comments on it.

I found this fabric at Hancock fabrics for sale for like $2 a yard. It is a polyester mix with a light sheen and pretty, loose drape. At first I was going to make a dress. But as I seem to have more dresses than there are days in the year, I felt it was time to try something new.

This leopard print midi skirt took all of 2 hours to make. It is 4 pieces: the front and back of the skirt body, the ruffle, and the elastic waist band. It is comfy and floaty, a bohemian skirt style with the flirtiness of leopard print. I'll admit I have already worn it like five times since I made it; it is just so easy to throw on with a tank top and jacket. It is also super light, making it doable for the steamy Kentucky summers. 

I also paired this skirt with an old thrift store hack I dallied with a few months ago. This vest was originally a hideous suede jacket that I ripped apart and recreated. Taking something that is like $3 and making it beautiful and wearable is as addictive as whiskey sours. 

P.S. As it is the beginning of August, I am already excited for fall weather. Oh! Jackets, scarves, ripped up jeans and boots. This fall I am going to take my first attempt at sewing a few coats for myself and the hubby. Will keep you guys posted :)


Skirt: self-made, sandals: Target, tank top: H&M, necklace: Urban Outfitters

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