Monday, September 22, 2014

Bluegrass Sunset

I love Sundays.

I know I am not alone in this. Most people look foreword to the weekend with delirious zeal. Free time on the weekends that is not taken up by chores, family obligations, and errands are usually full of adventure and fun. I totally agree with this.

But there is something extra special about Sundays.

Maybe its the fact that most Sundays involves pancakes. I rarely sit down for breakfast, it is usually on the go, but Sundays I make some effort. My husband, who values his life, wakes me up with coffee, and the scent of Columbian beans is shortly infused with bacon, buttermilk pancake mix, and sugary maple syrup.

After breakfast the rest of the day is filled with church and little jobs around the house. This past Sunday I was draped over the kitchen table working on my latest sewing project: a gorgeous dark green herringbone coat. Meanwhile, in the garage, Justin was wrenching on his old-school 911. He babied the gorgeous machine, washing it and painting the calipers the silver of a freshly minted dime.

Once his work (and mine) were complete, he took me for a long cruise through the winding Kentucky country roads. I love these memories: cool air rushing through my hair, the scent of fall, and the taste of sunshine.

The sunlight fading over the rolling hills and the sound of that howling flat six. Good night Sunday.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Utility Jacket

Nothing completes an outfit or makes a statement like the perfect jacket. Toss that puppy over your dress or jeans and you suddenly appear polished, chic, and edgy. The greatness of jackets lies in contrast, the ability to pair a masculine piece with a flirty feminine one. And no one thing rises to this occasion like the utility jacket.

Holy smokes, I am in love. The weather is deliciously cool for September in Louisville and as I sit here writing this I am thinking about what I am going to wear under my jacket today. The deep olive green is a lovely neutral, pairing perfectly with floral sundresses, gauzy white tops, and tanned ankle booties. This jacket is a winner. 

The clean lines, the myriad of pockets, the zips and fasteners, the hood: I love every part of this jacket. The fabric is a deep olive green sportswear cotton twill. It is dense but soft. I lined the jacket in the same material as the exterior, and took my high tech distressing tool (my ancient cheese grater) to make it look worn and weathered.

The pattern is a Simplicty pattern that I heavily modified. Lately whenever I buy a pattern it is because I see the potential for all the different mods I can make. This jacket called for a drawstring waistline but I couldn't find matching cording for the fabric and decided on a belt instead. 

This jacket was a long time coming for me. With each project I undertake I feel like my sewing skill grows a tad bit more, but I was't sure if I could make something like this. Finally, I decided I wouldn't know if I didn't try. Now I can't wait to make another one.

Jacket: self made, dress: self made, shoes: Keds

P.S. My current project is a dark green herringbone wool coat. Pics will follow as soon as I finish it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Denim is the new black

Nothing announces fall quite like denim and plaid. Once upon a time this fabric duo would have earned you the title of blue collar and marked you down as a gold mining mountaineer. No longer, my friends, for denim is the new black. 

Chic, simple, comfortable, cute, and easy are the ear marks of classic denim shift dresses. I just love how versatile denim is: dress this piece down with a plaid button-up and some sandals or doll up with some sparkle and tights. Either way the denim shift dress is a wardrobe staple.

When creating this piece I will admit that I succumbed to some '90s inspiration. I wanted something simple and clean; buttons down the front and a few pockets, nothing too fancy. This dress was one of those things that came directly from the scissors meeting the fabric, no pattern. But it worked for me.

I love the shape of this dress. It is a nice A-line with smallish slits up the sides and a floppy collar. I have totes worn it twice since I made it; once to pig out on chili while watching Top Gear with my hubs and once to drink whiskey cocktails under the full moon with friends. I love it with a thick striped sweater and white Keds and can't wait to don woolen tights and boots with it this winter. It is like the little black dress, easy to toss on and modify. 

So much of clothing is how it makes you feel as much as how it looks. This dress makes me feel at home, a beautiful freedom. It is unpretentious yet classy. The kind of dress that lets adventures happen.

Dress: self made, purse: vintage Coach, sandals and plaid top: Target

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Fall is rolling in like fog over the Hudson. ARE YOU READY?!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to don boots, thick wooly sweaters, and long sleeved sundresses. I want to dance under amber colored trees and sip pumpkin spice lattes in the chilly morning air. This year I am doubly amped for fall because I will be attempting all kinds of new sewing projects: coats, maxi peasant dresses, rain jackets, capes. You name it, I probably want to try to make it. We will just have to see if my budget holds up with my sewing vision.

Some of the textures that inspire me this fall include soft cotton, denim, and thick brushed wool. I want to pair bold colors like red, emerald green, and brilliant white with abstract prints and floaty, airy fairy pieces.

On the immediate list of items I definitely crave include a denim mini, an army surplus jacket, a fitted toggled coat, a princess coat, and button front dresses with peter pan collars. I also have been coveting every pale pink Jessica McClintock peasant dress on Etsy that I can find. I may have to make one for myself.

In addition, my husband has agreed to be a guinea pig and let me make him a duffle coat as my first foray into men's clothing. Eek!

What are you all excited about? Are there any fall must-haves marked on your shopping list? Let me know!

Images borrowed from Pinterest