Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Denim is the new black

Nothing announces fall quite like denim and plaid. Once upon a time this fabric duo would have earned you the title of blue collar and marked you down as a gold mining mountaineer. No longer, my friends, for denim is the new black. 

Chic, simple, comfortable, cute, and easy are the ear marks of classic denim shift dresses. I just love how versatile denim is: dress this piece down with a plaid button-up and some sandals or doll up with some sparkle and tights. Either way the denim shift dress is a wardrobe staple.

When creating this piece I will admit that I succumbed to some '90s inspiration. I wanted something simple and clean; buttons down the front and a few pockets, nothing too fancy. This dress was one of those things that came directly from the scissors meeting the fabric, no pattern. But it worked for me.

I love the shape of this dress. It is a nice A-line with smallish slits up the sides and a floppy collar. I have totes worn it twice since I made it; once to pig out on chili while watching Top Gear with my hubs and once to drink whiskey cocktails under the full moon with friends. I love it with a thick striped sweater and white Keds and can't wait to don woolen tights and boots with it this winter. It is like the little black dress, easy to toss on and modify. 

So much of clothing is how it makes you feel as much as how it looks. This dress makes me feel at home, a beautiful freedom. It is unpretentious yet classy. The kind of dress that lets adventures happen.

Dress: self made, purse: vintage Coach, sandals and plaid top: Target

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