Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Velvet Darling

I adore the holidays.

You cannot out-glam, over-sparkle, or over do much of anything during the holiday season. Texture is everywhere, particularly in clothing. The rough scratch of wool, the pebbly prick of sequins, the sheen of satin, and, of course, the watery smoothness of velvet.

This was the New Years of velvet, I decided. I was intent on making a dress that said just that. Something luxurious, glamourous, and perhaps a tad bit risqué.

Well here it is.

This dress is many elements mixed up in a hodge-podge of gypsy glamour. Made with stretch velvet, it has a mandarin collar, wide bell sleeves cuffed at the ends, a thick waist band, pleated skirt, and a large front-cut bodice. I made up the pattern myself, free cutting on the fabric, which I am usually too timid to do. I must say though, there is nothing timid about this dress.

The dress is crafted from hunter-green stretch velvet that I bought at Hancocks. I bought waayyy too much of it, not sure how much it would take to make the full bell sleeves I envisioned. The sleeves are probably my favourite part. They make me feel like a child, swinging down by my wrists when I walk. The back bodice is ruched above the waist band, lending a lovely silhouette from the back and sides. 

And then there is the front. I bandied about with this front bodice for a while, trying to get it lay modestly, albiet with flare. Finally I decided I best buy fabric tape and call it a day. The tape prevents the bodice from gaping when I turn sideways and keeps the front cut-out shape in place. Score.

I love this dress. I want to romp about it in all day, like some over-grown forest fairy. I had originally intended to wear it for New Year's Eve, but didn't finish it in time. Instead it is going to debut this Valentine's Day, complete with a glittering ear cuff and a classic red lip. 

 Velvet and Valentine's Day. Some would say they are the original romance.

dress: self made, tights: Target, shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction

btw, my good friend Sarah snapped these pics with my iPhone. Is she not genius or what?