Monday, December 1, 2014

Peter Pan Shift Dress

 As difficult as it is to believe, today is the first of December.

At last I can cover all things in glitter and eat cookies by the dozen without judgement. My heart longs for the festivities to begin, for the scent of eggnog and cinnamon to permeate the air, for snow to glisten in piles by the front door.

This is Kentucky.

Therefore, on the last day of November when the winter spirit should be burgeoning forth, the weather turns balmy. Seventy degrees balmy, in fact.
At first I was tempted to scoff at the temps and grind my teeth a bit. But that is like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Instead, I donned my latest creation and skipped out doors to enjoy it.

This latest creation has to be one of my favorite pieces. Classic and flirty, a simple black shift dress with a peter pan collar and key hole back. I used only a single yard of black ponte de roma knit with a quarter of a yard of the same in white. The fabric I bought at Joanns and cost me a whopping total of $15. I did not use a pattern but instead traced the lines of another dress from my closet. It was so easy and turned out perfect. 

My sewing machine has this lovely stitch available that looks like little scallops. I couldn't resist, I had to edge the sleeves and collar. It took a lot of trial and error to make it look uniform, but the effort was worth it. I also have to be choosey about what bra I wear with it, as the keyhole in the back is quite deep. 

Again, worth it. The dress makes me feel like a preppy pixie, chic but girlie. I love that I can toss on black tights and flats and wear it anywhere. All I need is some cold weather and I'll sweater this puppy up. With the weather as it is now, though, I am celebrating my last days of bare legs. 

Oh yeah. 

dress: self-made, shoes: ancient, beat-up Steve Maddens