Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Fall is rolling in like fog over the Hudson. ARE YOU READY?!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to don boots, thick wooly sweaters, and long sleeved sundresses. I want to dance under amber colored trees and sip pumpkin spice lattes in the chilly morning air. This year I am doubly amped for fall because I will be attempting all kinds of new sewing projects: coats, maxi peasant dresses, rain jackets, capes. You name it, I probably want to try to make it. We will just have to see if my budget holds up with my sewing vision.

Some of the textures that inspire me this fall include soft cotton, denim, and thick brushed wool. I want to pair bold colors like red, emerald green, and brilliant white with abstract prints and floaty, airy fairy pieces.

On the immediate list of items I definitely crave include a denim mini, an army surplus jacket, a fitted toggled coat, a princess coat, and button front dresses with peter pan collars. I also have been coveting every pale pink Jessica McClintock peasant dress on Etsy that I can find. I may have to make one for myself.

In addition, my husband has agreed to be a guinea pig and let me make him a duffle coat as my first foray into men's clothing. Eek!

What are you all excited about? Are there any fall must-haves marked on your shopping list? Let me know!

Images borrowed from Pinterest 

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