Friday, August 29, 2014

Chevron Lotus Dress

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to add a post! As an ode to the end of summer I thought I would post this lovely chevron lotus dress that I made about a year ago. It was one of my first pieces and it is far from perfect. It is always nice to see how much you progress when you keep at something.

This dress is from a vintage Butterick pattern, number 5657. The original pattern calls for a midi-length skirt but Kentucky summers are just too blazing hot for that nonsense. The pattern is backless, with a button-up skirt through the back. The pattern is so fun and I am thinking about using it for another dress down the road.

I will make one caveat when it comes to this pattern. See that billowing of the bodice in the back? It is LOOSE. I tried a variety of things to tighten it up but what it really needs is a tie to keep it from falling off my shoulders. The dress goes from cute to risqué in a quarter of a second. My husband's cousin gave me a hug at a family function a month ago and the top button on the back came open and the top fell off one of my shoulders. Whoops.

The pattern originally called for a plain front bodice, but to make it a little more interesting I created a chevron-patterned front panel to add visual interest. It is so not perfect but I love how it takes the dress up a notch.

Holy mackerel, this fabric is so wonderful. It is over 50 years old, a heavy polyester blend with tiny pink lotus flowers. It feels feminine and whimsical, like you should be drinking lemonade and eating lavender cakes at a garden party. And that lovely buttoning up the back makes the dress fun and girly.

While I feel like this dress is a song to end of the summer, here in KY the temperature is hanging around the 90s and the humidity makes you feel like you've taken a steam bath when you walk out doors. I am ready to say hasta la vista August, its time for fall.

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