Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fly Away With Me

Today was my first day off from my new job. There is nothing like a day off in the middle of your week to break things up nicely. For me, a typical day off means I get to sleep in (cues the tears of joy because I normally wake at 5:30 AM), drink two cups of coffee from the bed, and spend the rest of the day lounging around in a glorious slothdom of laziness.

Lucky for me, my hubby had a whole other set of plans.

Now being the love he is, Justin still let me sleep in, but the rest of my day was filled with something a little closer to adventure. Let's just say it started like this:

I should probably mention that Justin is a commercial pilot. He currently spends his days instructing from a local flight school as he builds hours for the airlines. Through this experience he has had many a cool opportunity, including joining a local flying club that lets their members rent out these babies. This is a Citabria. This little aerobatic beauty is a light and fun two-seater, perfect for what he had in mind.

On the way to airport, Justin swung by a local bakery and picked up pain au chocolate and salted caramel french macarons to sate my mild obsession with sugar. Picnic supplies, he told me.

We set down on a grass landing field called Lee Bottom (only in Kentucky do you find names like that). It sits nestled between the Ohio river and the rolling hills of Indiana. A little piece of farm land carved out for flying enthusiasts; it has apple trees, bee hives, tiny flocks of goats, and a view.

Once we landed, we chowed down on our goodies and enjoyed the still dewy air. Scenic flight+macarons+handsome captain=a perfect day off. Oh, if only all days could be as sweet.