Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Style a Mermaid

Oh my goodness! So much excitement here because I have officially sewn my first swimsuit. All summer I have been contemplating purchasing the fabric and attempting to sew a bikini or possibly a one-piece. My choice became clear when my gorgeous sister-in-law kindly offered to be the guinea pig for my latest pet project.

Danielle was angelically patient as I problem solved my way through this piece. I had elected to use a basic one-piece pattern and heavily modify it to give her the key-hole center and bandeau-style bodice piece with a strapless back. I used a bandeau swim top to get the general pattern for the suit bodice.

The layout for this suit was basely on this Urban Outfitter's suit. Instead of stripes, though, used a black and white dotted fabric from Fabric Fairy. The fabric was excellent, with the right amount of stretch and sheen. 

Ah! Sweet success. I added inserts to keep the top from being indecent should the water be chilly, and ran nude lining through the entire suit for comfort. Not only is Danielle and awesome model, but she was such a patient dress mannequin. I don't know how many times I had her try on the suit in pieces so I could get just the right fit. The only thing remaining is to add a neck strap so the bandeau doesn't slide right off.

The wonderful thing about swimwear is it doesn't take a lot of fabric. Now I have plenty left over to make a set of high-waisted bikini bottoms!

Swimsuit: self-made, Danielle's watch: Fossil

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