Saturday, January 10, 2015

Key Hole Circle Dress

Nothing ignites my creative fire like scrolling through a Free People catalogue.
I love all the color, the billowing shape, the romantic touches, and the exotic flavor that the designers and editors pour into each edition. 

However, like most twenty-four-somethings, I cannot drop upwards of $150 on one of their lovely dresses. As much as it pains me to abstain, that money has better places it can go. Like my savings account, or the fund for an imaginary French riviera vacation.

When times like this occur, I sigh and snap the cover of the catalogue shut. Then run right to the fabric store. 

Some of my more flamboyant creations have come from one too many hours of Free People induced fever, like my Shibori Goddess Gown. Today's feature is a little more simple. 

A few months ago I fell in love with one of their fall creations, the Dynasty Dress. It is a simple piece, just a scrap of jersey cotton and a lovely large keyhole front. I just had to make my own. 

I think the fabric for this dress cost me all of $15. Bought from Joanns, it was thin, drapey, bubblegum pink that screamed female. I used a McCalls pattern for the body of the dress, altering it a bit to create the key hole front and gathering at the tops of the sleeves.

I love it when a project comes together so seamlessly. This dress is the perfect amount of floaty, feminine, and casual. I absolutely love the pattern as well and plan to indulge in many more renditions of this dress. My next one will be floral. I think.

I love this dress to the moon and back. The single drawback is its body-hugging, curve-enhancing shape. You definitely can't pig out on salsa and queso and rock this baby, it is very unforgiving. 

Oh well, c'est la vie. 



  1. This is lovely, Kati. How's the chair coming???

    1. Oh aunt Susan it hasn't even begun! I am waiting a nice long weekend so tackle that monster

  2. It's lovely!! Thin jersey can be unforgiving, but you look fabulous!

    1. Thank you! It is such a fun dress :)