Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas is for the cats

A bit late on this post, I know.

Christmas is behind us, along with (gasp!) the year of 2014. It is only seems fitting that I glance back at the creations of that year and share the odd and silly things I have made.
At the top of this list is my cat patterned dress.

Cats. Dress. Some would say they belong together.

This dress began when I stumbled across this fabric at Hancock's. Cats?! I could't believe it. I knew I would have to make something with it. I was very inspired by Mod Cloth and their lovely vintage looks. This dress is a Frankenstein of modern and classic, accentuated with black bits of piping and peppered with tiny orange kitties.

The dress is actually the combination of three different patterns. I used the pleated skirt of one, the button front top of another, and finally finagled a key hole back from the drawing board. It came together very nicely and I just love the open back detailing. I may have to make another dress similar to this one. 

I have to say that the most challenging aspect of this dress was the piping. I can never seem to get it lay along the seam cleanly. Possibly more you-tube videos are in my future. Something will have to give. If you have any good resources I would appreciate hearing about them!

And finally: a quick shot of my and the kitty that inspired it all. Say hey, Algernon.

Dress: self-made, flats: super bedraggled Steve Madden


  1. i love this dress! the print is soooooo adorable. i have a hancock near me too and i think i need to look for it! is it quilting weight or sateen cotton?

  2. petiterepublic,
    the print is wonderful! this fabric was actually on the discount fabric table, it is a polyester mix with a very nice drape. They also had it in pink <3