Friday, January 23, 2015

Wool Duffle Coat

I am so excited to share what I now consider my most successful sewing project to date: a men's duffle coat.

It is

It was also one of the gifts gracing the undercarriage of the tree this past Christmas. Needless to say, I sewed my fingers off leading up to that magical date so this baby would be ready for my husband Justin to open on Christmas day. Let me say: worth it. 

Made of a deliciously thick camel-colored wool, it is lined with plaid and has delightful little bone-and-leather toggles to button up against the chill. I used the Albion by Colette pattern to create it. It is a downloadable pdf pattern. I have used one pdf pattern before and distinctly remembered it being a challenge. Much like fitting together a jig-saw puzzle, all the printed pages have to be fitted together to create one piece of the pattern. Just assembling the pattern itself took me about 2 hours. 

I bought the wool from Hancock's fabric. Btw, wool can get pricey. I had wanted to sew this coat for J since August but he wasn't a fan of some choices and others, like the sinfully plush wools from Mood fabrics, ran for about $40 a yard. Finally, thanks to kismet and my mad coupon skills, this wool hit the jackpot.

I just love it when a new project comes together like this. It is exciting to test myself and see what I am capable of making. Thanks to this coat I now have super impressive arm muscles from pulling the thick layers of fabric, wool, and leather bits through my machine. Thanks again Mama Jean for lending me your awesome Brother sewing machine. It powers through everything.

Yes, it did take me an inordinately long time to complete, probably knocking on 17 hours total. A large part of this time was taking it apart and putting it back together every time I made a mistake.
Despite this, I would love to make another coat like this for myself. The pattern could be easily edited to make it a bit more form fitting and less boxy. Red wool, I am thinking. Siren red. With a herringbone interior. Sigh.

I am so thankful to have such an awesome husband; one who puts up with my hair-brained schemes and listens to me raphsodize lover-like over new patterns and fabrics. You look good in your new coat, babe. But then again, don't you always?

Coat: self made, shoes: Clarks, jeans and button-front: J Crew

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  1. Very nice, Kates! Fun narrative and photos, as well!