Saturday, August 8, 2015

Venice Beach

It's Saturday again.
Thank goodness.

Weekend = freedom

The weekend is a time to let your hair down, sip basil gimlets on the back patio, and explore the wild and wonderful sights LA has to offer. This weekend is all the more sweet and special because my gorgeous and fun sister-in-law has joined me. And because Mr. Justin Jones has 3 days off to spend at home. 

So because I have a guest...and a burning desire to explore all Los Angeles has to offer, we elected to brave the vicious snarl of traffic and set off to Venice Beach Boulevard.

Venice Beach was originally dreamt up and constructed by developer Abbot Kinney. Thank you Mr. Kinney for setting a vision that was both whimsical and wild at the same time. Imagine this: the brilliant sun overhead, sparkling off towering palm trees and tented vendor's shops while around you throngs of busy laughing people whirl by on bikes, skateboards, and, in some cases, glittery purple ice-pick heels. The crowds range from Midwestern tourists to dreadlocked locals in flowered swim trunks. There are shops for tattoos and churros around every corner, and the air is full of the scent of sea breeze and cinnamon with occasional wafts of Lady Jane.  

Venice Beach is all luxurious white sandy beaches, ripped jean shorts, bikinis, and street art. It is energy and color woven into a multi-ethic and linguistic tapestry of motion. The air was thick with vibrations from the pounding beat of the drum circle and people wove, danced, and moon-booted their way along the street. With artists, hipsters, hippies, and fashionistas a like it offers a truly Californian experience. 

While ambling along the boulevard, avoiding skateboarders and trying not to trip over people's dogs, I rocked one of my current creations: a red striped dress with asymmetrical hemline. 

The dress is made from a stretch jersey cotton in a cherry red with white pin striping. It was shamelessly inspired by an urban outfitters dress. It is a simple shift dress with short sleeves, a scoop back, and contrasting line of stripes to accent the asymmetrical front hem. The urban outfitters version was a body-con dress but I have made mine a bit more forgiving. It seriously took me less than 2 hours to make and I love to wear it. The color currently matches my sunburn. C'est la vie.

It was the perfect dress for a sunny afternoon of people watching and photo snapping. Justin wouldn't let me take one with the 6 foot yellow python, but here is one of me with Lisa the international swimsuit model and her creepy owner. 

I absolutely love people. I love the energy you experience when tons of people from different walks of life join together in a common interest. Venice beach has its own language of singularity, embracing the bizarre, young, and old. With the marketeers selling everything from sugar skulls to two-headed turtles, it made me wish I had another set of eyes to take in all the sights. 

Thanks Danielle for donating extra pics!

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