Saturday, August 15, 2015

Abalone Shoreline Cove

Sea caves.
Tide pools.

To me, these are magical words.
Such descriptions evoke images of azure waters, marine life, and the glory of exploration. It was rallied with these thoughts that Justin, Danielle, and I set off to experience the many delights of Abalone Shoreline Cove.

I will be honest. 
We went into this adventure blind.

And thus, a variety of road blocks met us at the get-go. But it didn't matter to us that the parking lot was already closed for the day or that we were all still dressed in the clothes we wore to church, we were determined. Can you blame us?

It took us 20 fitful minutes to find street parking, another 20 to wind our way down the steep and cactus-ridden trail to the coastline, and a final ten minutes to reach the point of access to the tide pools. Once there, we quickly realized that the route to the tide pools was already under water thanks to the impending tide. 

Here is when I say I so love my husband and sister-in-law. 
Only they would be game to follow me at this point. 

Armed with the leadership of a kind stranger, we waded hip-deep into ocean water, clung by our finger tips to a rocky cliff edge, and made leaps of faith across churning chasms in the sea. We were tested, brutally, in our agility and athleticism. 

At one point I was carried by a stranger.

But let me tell you, it was so worth it.

Sea anemones, coral, crabs, sea gulls, crashing waves, and luke-warm ocean water around our ankles. It was blissful. Fishermen who had braved the trail to the tide pools sat on the rocky rim amidst frothy waves to cast their lines. Children giggled and splashed in the shallow water, and aquamarine grottos glittered in the cliffside.

And thanks to these crazy kids, I can say I have never experienced anything quite like it.

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